GP the Consultant

Writing. Any style, anywhere

I am a professional and award-winning writer. I can write just about anything (except fiction). I have helped dozens of organisations with white papers, web contents, blogs and the like, and as a journalist and editor I have pretty well done it all.

If you hire me to do any writing for you, you will get a first rate job, done quickly and at a reasonable rate. Don't use an expensive agency - come straight to me!

Market research and anysis

I am fortunate to be both literate and numerate. I have done many surveys of consumers and professionals in a range of industries.

I have also done a lot of market sizing and market dynamics type work - developing taxonomies and identifying key issues. I've done this in ICT, the electrical and lighting industries, energy, and even the restaurant trade.

Public speaking, workshops, etc.

I have spoken at dozens of conferences and seminars all around the world, often as keynote speaker. I have also facilitated workshops, conducted training days, held trivia quizzes and done after-dinner speeches.

This work has mostly been in ICT, but I have also ventured into other areas, usually based on my market research activities. I'm on the books of three speaker bureaus, but it's cheaper and easier to come to me direct.

To hire me NOW, or if you have a query, phone +61 418 609 397, or email me at

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My history and accomplishments.

Don't take my word for it! Some endorsements:

Bob Hayward

Digital Strategy Consultant

I have known Graeme for close to 20 years - sometimes as an IT journalist, sometimes as a business partner, sometimes as a competitor and once as an analyst I managed at Gartner. In all those times he has been a friend, as well as a voice of reason, clarity and sanity. He is always able to put into words (especially written words) what many people struggle to say about the IT industry and trends. Simply put, he is simply one of the strongest natural researchers and analysts of IT I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.


Duncan Bennet

Mentor | Business Coach | Advisor | Non-Executive Director

Very successfully used Graeme as a keynote speaker in a number of customer seminars to talk with authority (and humour) on the IT industry and his view of future trends in this industry. I find Graeme both a knowlegeable and entertaining speaker and accordingly recommend him.


Neil McMurchy

Growth Strategist

I have worked with Graeme on several occasions over the last 15 years in his various roles as an analyst, writer and publisher. He always delivers high-value insightful work in all his capacities and I recommend him without hesitation.


Cassandra Ashworth

Director - Global Alliance Sales Leader at DXC Technology

I had the pleasure of working with Graeme on the launch of one of his many inspiring business concepts. Graeme is one of the most dynamic public speakers, whom I had the opportunity to promote, extremely creative and most importantly lots of fun to be around. I was amazed at how many high profile professionals in the Sydney and Melbourne business circuit knew of and spoke so highly about Graeme. I highly recommend Graeme for any business relationship / partnership / service. You will not be disappointed.


Mike Green

Managing Director at Atos

One of the sillier aspects of recent 'new economy' hype is the claim that the web represents a fundamental change from the past and the 'new rules' have been discovered in the past ten years, generally by men who wear black shirts. In practice some of the most powerful insights have come from the 'pre-digital' era. And many of the slogans mouthed by today's pundits originated in Graeme’s writings, rather than today’s infotopia. Over the last decade I have come to appreciate Graeme for his futurism…and his black shirts!


Jim Watson

Senior Executive focused on Business Development with CXOs

Graeme is a brilliant yet practical analyst/entrepreneur . His ability to forecast trends and action on them is truly unique. Additionally he is easy to work with, does not wear his tremendous intellect on 'his sleeve’. He is open and approachable and a great guy. Graeme is truly one of the great thought leaders and provocateurs in the Australasian marketplace.


Stephen De Kalb

Award-winning marcoms and other cool stuff that makes things happen

It seems like I've known Graeme almost as long as I've been in the Australasian IT market, and I've seen firsthand how he's made every chapter in his career -- journalist, editor/magazine owner, Gartner Group consultant and, over the past few years, researcher/analyst/industry expert -- a success by delivering on expectations, both his own, which are very high, and those of his clients. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Graeme in whatever capacity he chooses. He is definitely one of the good guys.


Imogen Boas

Board Director, Women for Election Australia

I have known GP and worked with him for many years. His knowledge of the ICT industry is vast. He writes with great insight and humour and can explain the most complex issues in both an informative, and when required, entertaining way. His business network is very comprehensive and so if he can't help you, he will know someone who can. He has always been extremely helpful and can be trusted to give honest feedback.


Rick Anstey

Founder/Director iQFunds

I have known Graeme for over 20 years and tracked his involvement in a wide range of projects, roles and companies. He has always displayed passion and has always been forthright in his opinion and recommendation. Graeme has a deep network of influential heads of global technology vendors coupled with their counterparts in large enterprise and government. Most important is Graeme's ability to analyse complex technical or political issues and relay them in simple terms.


David John

Business Development Manager at Engagis

Graeme is arguably the leading demand research analyst in Australia. He is an accomplished writer and public speaker and has a proven track record in helping Australian companies leverage research to achieve a bottom-line benefit.


Emma Connors

Senior Editor at The Australian Financial Review

Graeme is smart, inventive, imaginative and a terrific writer. He is a also a talented researcher capable of distilling penetrating insights into easily digestible and valuable reports.