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Read GP's Travel Poems

Go to my travel website and read a few of my travel poems.

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The Monster Poems

Still working on these, but here's some (with Shaz's illustrations).

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Philipson as critic

I critique mysellf - the poet and the man.

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Collected Poems 1993-2015

Who writes poetry nowadays? I do. It's an affliction I have suffered from all my life. And it's incurable. I'm sort of an idiot savant at churning out reasonably good quality doggerel.

It takes no time to make it rhyme
And to make the words sound right
A bit of rhythm 's what I give 'em
I don't want it sounding trite.

I have found that the discipline of writing poetry has really improved my prose style. It gives you a better feeling for sentence structure. It's also lots of fun.

In late 2015 I published a book of my original poems., Social Cricket, The Universe, and Everything. I printed a couple of hundred copies for family and friends, and now I've put it on Amazon. You can put it on your Kindle for a lousy buck - go to Amazon here

You can also download a PDF for free right here.

The new book of monster poems

I'm currently working on a book called Imaginarium: A Compendium of Poems About Monsters and Mythical Beings for Adults and Children.

It's well progressed and I've written about a dozen poems. For each of the creatures I write about I'm also doing a short piece describing the background to the myth surrounding them.

Shaz will be illustrating it. I'm not sure how long it will take - it's been on the back burner while I've been working on the travel books. But it will happen!

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