Testimonials for Graeme Philipson's Public Speaking

Below are some comments from clients and others who have heard me speak. A common comment is the humour I use. I believe that much of this stuff is potentially very boring, and that by joking about it a little we can understand it better and enjoy it more.

“Graeme’s ability to convert complex technical matters into the straightforward language of business is a rare gift. That he does this with style, humour and the authority that comes with many years involvement in the information technology industry makes him a most entertaining and absorbing speaker.”
Derek Evans, Principal, Gotley Nix Evans

“Graeme has an amazing in-depth understanding of the local and international IT industry, and its players - past and present. With an easy going and informative speaking style it is always a pleasure to hear or read his views, and be entertained by his humour.”
Graham Young, Managing Director, Anagram International

“Graeme continues to deliver dependable insight and guidance on the key aspects of an ever changing landscape regarding the Information Industry to the leaders of today's key corporations. His style embodies in-depth critical commentary with humour that ensures audiences are both informed and challenged.”
Don Cooper-Williams, Marketing Director Asia Pacific, SAS Institute

“I've seen Graeme speak on numerous occasions and he injects energy and humour into even the most esoteric subject matter. His natural, impromptu style combined with his authority make him an excellent speaker choice.”
Rob O'Neill, Managing Editor, MIS magazine

“Graeme has a way of engaging people when he speaks. He provides not only content, but clarity and context, and can make the driest of topics interesting.”
Hugh Sutherland, Vice President Asia Pacific, FileNet


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