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Over my career I have done a lot of public speaking, mostly about the IT industry. I have invariably received very good reviews and ratings. I know a lot about many disparate subhects, and I am good at explaining them. I am on the books of a number of speakers' bureaus.

Read some testimonials or download my public speaking brochure.

I have spoken on a great range of subjects, and I can speak on many others. Recent topics include:

Ten Key Technology Trends in the Information Millennium

  1. The mobile revolution - everything everywhere
  2. Why cloud? Why now? Webscale IT
  3. Big data and preductive analytics
  4. Bandwidth, bandwidth, bandwidth
  5. Digital content convergence
  6. Software Defined Everything
  7. Copyright and IP under threat
  8. Embedded computing and the Internet of Things
  9. Security changes shape
  10. The threat from Artificial Intelligence

Whatver happened to Green IT? (also available as a training day)

  • What is Green IT?
  • From Green IT to ICT Sustainability
  • The Five Elements of ICT Sustainability:

    1. Lifecycle - purchase / usage / disposal
    2. End user - devices / usage / printing. End user energy effciency
    3. Enterprise - data centre / telecoms. Trends in data centre energy efficiency and metrics
    4. ICT as a sustainabiity enabler - Smarter 2020 and related reports - ICT can save more energy trhan it generates
    5. Metrics - You can't manage what you can't measure

    This presentation is based on the UCT Sustainabity Model I developed at Connection Research and which is now owned by my company ICT Sustain.

The Digital Home Revolution

  • The connected home - The Five Views
  • Trends in home automation
  • Apple, Google, Microsoft and others move in
  • The numbers - market stats on the Digital Home in Australia
  • The rise of the Intenet of Everything
  • The future of the Digital Home

Why Copright is Dead in the 21st Century

  • What is copyright? The 300 year evolution of a concept
  • Is there really such a thing as 'Intellectual property?'
  • How digitisation has changed the equation
  • Piracy and the theft of content
  • The evolution of Creative Commons and Copyleft
  • Why the copyright industry may win the off battle, but will lose the war
  • What would a world without copyright look like?

Other Subjects

There are many other areas that I spoken on, or could adapt for the appropriate event or occasion. I can speak on most issues to do with IT and telecommunications, sustainabilty, energy efficiency, intellectual property and realted areas.

I am also able to facilitate panel sessions, chair events, conduct debates, etc. I have done all of these many times.

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