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I offer a range of professional services through my company and related entities (see below). Most of these have to do with writing about or talking about the IT, communications and sustainability industries. You can go to my short CV or download my long CV to see the extent of my past professional activities. I also conduct courses in business writing and in ICT sustainability.

These are large and complex areas. I consider my speciality as being able to look at the big pcture and bring together apparently disparate topics into a coherent whole. Testimonials on my public speaking and training are available.

My public speaking, training and writing activities have their own web page on this site. Access them through the menu on the sidebar, or through these links:

public speaking


corporate writing

Brochures describing these services can also be downloaded from these pages. For more information on my professional capabilities and history, see my CV (links above) and read some of my articles.

I am associated with a number of other organisations that offer a range of products and services. These currently include:

  • ICT Sustain: A global consultancy I run specialising in sustainable ICT (sometimes called 'Green IT') and the use of IT and communications to make other industries more sustainable and energy-efficient. I am founder, editor and publisher.

  • Connection Research Services: Australian company researching the sustainble and connected home market (many of this company's actovities are being rolled into ICT Sustain). I am founder and research director.

  • iTWire: Australian online ICT new site. I am a contributor, and a former editor of its CommsWire daily communications newsletter.

  • One Mandate Group: Publisher of Boundless Plains to Share, a major book and online campaign on Australia's agricultural potential. I am editorial consultant.

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