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Since early 1999 I have written a weekly opinion column for the Tuesday IT section in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, published by John Fairfax. This supplement is now called 'Next'. I also write occasional feature and news pieces.

You can download any of these articles from this website. Note:

  • All files are MS Word documents
  • They are as I originally wrote them, not as subsequently edited by Fairfax
  • There are no headlines - these are added by Fairfax subeditors

Here are the columns for 2003. There are brief synposes of each piece - no full text search available, sorry.

Date File Synopsis Download
4 Feb 2003 F030204predict What some of the analyst groups are predicting for 2003 download
11 Feb 2003 F030211bizplan How modern off-the-shelf IT products make it cheap and easy to start a new business, with reference to GP's biotech venture download
18 Feb 2003 F030218prefixes Problems with decimal (x1000) and binary (x1024) usages of prefixes like kilo, mega, giga etc. download
25 Feb 2003 F030225chips The state of the microchip market, with reference to the evolution of the Intel line and the "chip wars". download
4 Mar 2003 F030303acsalston Lies and stupidity from Senator Richard Alston and others in the Australian government. download
11 Mar 2003 F030311prefixes2 More on decimal and binary usage,
including feedback from readers.
18 Mar 2003 F030318offshore The inevitability of increased off-
shoring, with more and more IT jobs moving to India and China.
25 Mar 2003 F030325sun The difficulties facing Sun Microsystems in a commoditised world. download
1 April 2003 F030401scounix SCO's "deeply stupid" attempt to sue IBM for stealing bits of Unix to put in Linux. download
8 April 2003 F030408hypecycle Gartner's hype cycle, how it works, and why it is universally applicable. download
15 April 2003 F030415bankrupt Why Larry Ellison is right when he says that most software companies will be out of business in a few years. download
22 April 2003 F030422germany GP visits Germany and has a brief look at the German computer industry. download
29 April 2003
Not published.  
6 May 2003 F030506supermodeller Australian company Econsult and its Supermodeller financial modelling software. download
13 May 2003 F030513history The usefulness of a knowledge of history in helping understand IT trends. download
20 May 2003 F030520tedcodd The death of Ted Codd, father of the relational database. download
27 May 2003 F030527browser The 10th anniversary of the invention of the web browser, and its importance. download
3 June 2003 F030603health IT in the health industry, and the many problems it faces. download
10 June 2003 F030610intology Canberra company Intology and its
clever knowledge management
17 June 2003 F030617jdepsoft Peoplesoft's acquisition of JD Edwards, and the rationalisation of the software industry. download
24 June 2003 F030624scounix2 Further analysis and comment of the SCO vs IBM battle, and SCO's ridiculous attitude. download
1 July 2003
Not published  
8 July 2003 F030708nc Why the NC (network computer) never really took off. download
15 July 2003 F030729mssysman How Microsoft is doing similar things in systems management that the mainframe vendors once did. download
22 July 2003 F030722paysnap Canberra company PaybySnap and its snappy Internet payment system. download
29 July 2003
Not published  
5 Aug 2003 F030805bimergers More rationalisation - the spate of M&A activity in the business intelligence market. download
12 Aug 2003 F030812outsource Outsourcing is back - except it is called "sourcing". Gartner's conference on the subject. download
19 Aug 2003 F030819architect The evolution of and rationalisation of computer architectures. download
26 Aug 2003 F030826rte The "real-time enterprise" and the
increased pace of change in the world.
2 Sept 2003 F030902thinclient The revival and rationale of thin client computing. download
9 Sept 2003 F030909pearcey The Pearcey Foundation day in Melbourne, tracking the early history of the Australian IT industry. download
16 Sept 2003 F030916utility The move to utility computing, and a look at related terms - grid compting, on demand computing, etc. download
23 Sept 2003 F030923copyright How technology is making the concepts of copyright and intellectual property irrelevant. download
30 Sept 2003 F030930boring How many people are saying that the IT industry is boring, and how it is really just they who are bored. download
7 Oct 2003 F031001williams An open letter to new communications minister Darryl Wiliams, and one last shot at the unlamented Richard Alston. download
14 Oct 2003
Not published.  
21 Oct 2003 F031021skype Free phone calls over the Net -
How Skype has raised the VoIP bar.
28 Oct 2003 F031028subvert How open source software is a threat to The American Way, and why some people even think it's communist. download
4 Nov 2003 F031104strassman
IT management guru Paul Strassman and his concept of Knowledge Capital. download
11 Nov 2003


GP's move into biotech, and the differences and similarities between biotech and IT. download
18 Nov 2003 F031118noble
Analysts and those who watch them, with reference to Australian ex-analyst and analyst watcher Dave Noble. download
25 Nov 2003 F031125wireless The coming wireless world, and an interview with Intel CTO Chris Thomas. download
2 Dec 2003 F031202vendors The relative revenue figures of the major vendors, how they have changed over time and what this means. download
9 Dec 2003 F031209poetry Computer-generated poetry, and why it will never be better than the real thing. download
16 Dec 2003 F031216compiere How open source software has even found its way into ERP- and what this means. download


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