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Does your organisation need good quality brochures or White Papers?  Could you use better web content, sharper press releases or persuasive client case studies?  How about market research reports?  Even a corporate history?

I am one of the most experienced technology and business writer in Australia. I think I'm also one of the best. In a career spanning more than 30 years I have founded successful magazines, written for Australia’s top business and technology publications, and initiated and managed dozens of successful market research studies. My expertise spans writing, prodiction, marketing and analysis, in a range of technology industries.

The written word is still the most important form of business communication. Everybody needs text content, online and offline. I have written books, magazine articles, market research reports, brochures, White Papers – you name it. I am also a respected industry analyst with extensive experience in IT, telecommunications, sustainability, biotechnology, and related industries.

Everybody needs textual material. The Internet and the digital age has made the written word more important, not less. It’s a content-driven world. Everybody has a need for material such as:

  • Brochures and other marketing material
  • Web copy
  • Press releases
  • Blogs
  • Client case studies
  • White Papers
  • Newsletters
  • Corporate histories

Writing such material can be time-consuming for most people. In the hands of a professional it can be done quickly the message communicated more effectively. Often the writing can also be combined with the production process, making things smoother and faster.

I edited, mostly wrote, and produced Fujitsu ANZ’s 40 year corporate history. It is an impressive 120 page document. Download it or read it on screen here (Fujitsu website).

Download my corporate writing brochure here


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