This page contains my articles about the Australian Computer Society and details on its attempts to silence me (and others).

Read my Open Letter of 24 August 2020. which sums up many of the issues.

Starting in January 2020 I wrote many articles about ACS in online newsletter iTWire, chronicling its inept management and chronic problems with the concept of corporate governance. But on 10 September 2020 ACS’s lawyers Clayton Utz sent a threatening letter to iTWire’s management, accusing me of defaming ACS in one of my articles and demanding that iTWire take down ALL the articles I have written about them. All of them.

To save my friends at iTWire from embarrassment and the time involved in standing up to these bullies, I immediately removed all my articles and republished them on this website. I also resigned as Senior Associate Editor of iTWire.

I will not be bullied and I will not be silenced. It is important all this stuff is on the record.

This page contains links to my previous articles: see below. Articles written since the lawyer's letter are published in my blog on this website. The 12 September blog contains details on the letter and why I have moved my articles to this website.

Please read it. Comments welcome!