New letter to ACS Management Committee

David and Goliath

13 September 2020

Dear ACS Management Committee

Sadly, we meet again. I am concerned that your recent actions in threatening my former publisher with unspecified legal action is simply adding fuel to the fire that you have ignited (or at best refused to extinguish).

The letter from your lawyers Clutz to iTWire demanding iTWire take down all the articles I have written about ACS, that they publish no more from me, and that they apologise for giving me a platform to publish my views, is beyond the pale.

What squibs and cowards you are. Rather than respond to my open letter of 24 August, which simply summarised concerned member’s views on the many issues you need to address, you have set your legal goons onto me. How pathetic.

I will not be intimidated. My friends at iTWire had little to do with this, and I have at my own volition removed all my articles from their website. I have resigned from my position as Senior Associate Editor at that publication and will write no more for it.

I have reposted all my articles on my own website at, where I am the one solely responsible for them. All my new writing on this matter will be published on my blog at

I suggest you read through the articles I have posted. Thanks to your deeply stupid actions, they are now conveniently indexed for easy access. Any objective reading of them will indicate that I am not motivated by malice, as your besuited henchmen suggest, but rather by an abiding interest in making ACS accountable and well governed.

Accountable and well governed. What interesting concepts. You are neither of these things at the moment. Your bullying threats only make things worse. I’m incredulous that you think that your behaviour improves a delicate situation, which I and many others are trying to improve. My articles are based on demonstrable and supportable fact. Where I stray into opinion, these are my honestly held beliefs based on those facts, totally accurate and legally defensible.

Note that I have at all times attempted to get ACS’s views, but you have refused to engage. My advice is that the defamation laws in NSW, which your lawyers selectively quoted in their poorly written letter, are that I have every right to state my views in the way that I have. Truth is necessary but not sufficient, but if it is supported by sincerity (which I can easily demonstrate) then God is on my side.

Your hamfisted attempts to silence me will only make me more vocal. I am truly astounded at the pettiness and incompetence of your behaviour. I’m not sure how much money you are wasting setting your compromised law firm onto me, but whatever it is it is too much, and it is wasted and counter-productive. But then, you’re good at that.

I’ve had some interesting discussions with a few people about what went on within the Management Committee for you to have been so desperate as to threaten me with legal action. You are probably not aware that I have a mole within.

I’ve also received a torrent of messages of support over the last 24 hours since I have informed the world of your vindictive behaviour, including many offers of financial support should you proceed with your vendetta. I assure you that I am not a lone voice, and that any attempt by you to further pursue this matter with threats of legal action will end in tears, which will not be mine.

I know the truth is sometimes hard to handle, but maybe it is time you faced up to it.

You have made me very angry, which I can assure you is not a Good Thing. I will not be intimidated. I will not be bullied. I will not be silenced.


With the utmost and most deeply felt sincerity.


(This letter also published on my blog, sent to my email list, and posted to my 1000+ LinkedIn connections).

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