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Professional Services

I am a writer, speaker and market analyst.  I have written a few books, thousands of magazine articles, and lots of research reports, press releases, white papers, blogs, poetry - you name it.

I've conducted dozens of surveys and analysed markets and market dynamics in fields as diverse as IT, communications, energy, biotechnology, home automation, government and hospitality.

I am also an accomplished and experienced public speaker, on a range of subjects.

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Travel books

Check out my amazing new travel book The Top 100 Countries - And Why You Should Visit Them. It breaks new ground in travel writing by applying market analysis metrics to the eternal question:

Where on Earth will I go next?

My next book will be Do-It-Yourself Travel, which will show people how to bypass travel agents and avoid package tours and cruises, truly the blight on the travel industry. Actually, cruises aren't travel at all. Or maybe travel with all the fun bits taken out.

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I write poetry - not a common thing nowadays. And not only do I write it, I publish my stuff. My book of original poems, Social Cricket, The Universe and Everything, was published to zero critical acclaim in 2015 and is available for free from this website.

My new book of monster poems, Imaginarium - A Compendium of Poems about Monsters and Mythical Beings for Adults and Children will establish my reputation as one of the leading exponents of high quality doggerel in the modern era.

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IT History

I am Australia's top computer industry historian. In 2017 the Australian Computer Society published my monumental work A Vision Splendid - The History of Australian Computing.

It is the only history of the industry ever written. You can download the 275 page PDF from the ACS website for free. Unfortunately there is no print edition.

I have also written  a couple of corporate histories of computer companies. My book Mainframe Wars, written in the early 1990s, remains the definitive work on the subject.

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Hi From GP

Thanks for visiting. This website contains information about both my professional and personal activities. Clients can gather information about my services, there are details on my books and other writings, and there are links to various things that are relevant to what I do with myself.

My family and friends can catch glimpses of my private life, such as it is. I do not make a major distinction between work and play - what I do is a lifestyle, not a job.

This website has a pretty simple structure. I hope you find the information on it interesting, valuable or amusing, depending on what you are after. In recent years have moved beyond journalism to the longer writing form of books. I have three strong interests, which are reflected in the books I have written. These are travel, the history of technology, and poetry. These are three almost totally unrelated fields, but I enjoy them all. Each has a section on this website. My other major interests are food and drink and music, but I don’t write about them. They are indulgences.

There is a blog. I post infrequently on a wide range of topics. Most of these are essay type works that will find their way into my memoirs. I also write a lot of travel blogs, which are on my travel website www.whygowhere.com

I am firmly on record as saying that I regard the concepts of copyright and intellectual property to be dead, or at best anachronistic, in the digital age. I'm not a hypocrite, so you use anything you want from this site for any purpose not harmful to me, with appropriate attribution.

Enjoy your visit.

Graeme Philipson (GP)

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I'm easy to find. Please feel free to give me a call me or email me about the site or anything else. I’ll talk to anybody at any time about anything.

Phone                 +61 418 609 397
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